Saturday, February 6, 2010

That Saturday night ( Suzanne's diary)

That Saturday night,
you told me u wanna see me
i said,go to hell
but still,u manage to convinces me its important..

That Saturday night,
you skip your man utd match,
not because giggsy did not play that night,
but simply,because you wanna be with me

That Saturday night,
you dressed like u never did before
you look so silly,
but i never mention

That Saturday night,
we have dinner n spend times together,
you told me u have fun,
i have fun too but i never tell

That Saturday night,
u said u have something to tell me,
i ask, what is it
out of no where,
you told me,
you likes me.
you told me,
you likes me since we knew each other
you told me,
you like my ignorance
you told me,
the feeling inside just keeps building
you told me,
you think of me a lot everyday..
you told me,
you wanna b with me..forever

That Saturday night,
is the last time we ever meet each other
i should told u earlier that,
we have something special between us,
but its not love..

That Saturday night,
is the last Saturday night..
There will be no more Saturday night
between us..


tak payah susun2 ayat,komen je.haha