Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dear X-ray machine

Dear x-ray machine..

I'm only 8..
Please don't take him away from me..
I don't even have a chance to love him properly..
Please..just this time..

I don't wanna turns 9 without a dad..
Who's gonna buy me the birthday cake..
And all the present..
Who's gonna pick me up,when I fall down..

Who's gonna punish me when I'm misbehaved..
When i do silly mistakes,who's gonna laugh with me n tell me "i told u so"
Can't u see it Mr x-ray machine..?
Mom can't do it alone..she needs him too..

Dear x-ray machine,

Please.. not now..
I wanted to show him what Im worth for
I have no idea how u work
how can i? I'm only 8..
But please give a good corollary..

Please show the same result as the normal person does..
Because dad is a normal person
A normal person with an extraordinary love n tenderness..

So,I'm begging you Mr x-ray machine..
Please… not now..


  1. So who is this MR.X ray? The one who is going to run the test?

  2. its literally an x-ray machine

  3. sebuah mesin x-ray.di sini saya cuba membuat perbualan antara seorang budak kecil dengan sebuah mesin x-ray.harap maklum T-T


tak payah susun2 ayat,komen je.haha