Tuesday, November 8, 2011

simultaneous collision

falling in love is a madness act that moved at its own pace. it is not a dependable variable that follow the pace of the person we are falling with.no, it moved on its own. the person who we are falling with meanwhile, have the pace of their own. these two feelings have things for each other but they doesn't move simultaneously, sometimes its too early or too fast and sometimes its too slow or too late.the uneven velocity is the problem. its not like physics, where you can calculate simultaneous collision by predicting the result at every point of collision or resting contact by using the formula vf = −e vi. no, falling in love is not science for fuck sake, its beyond logic. we can't predict the pace and velocity of others. falling in love is taking risk, an act that you commit alone, not together. the feelings will collide every now and then, and it is what you do during the collision (ignoring the fact that you didn't know its a collision phase) that determine the outcome.

ps: selamat ulangtahun