Friday, January 28, 2011

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Monday, January 24, 2011

blind man

there is a blind man, live at the corner of the street
he had an accident when he was 2,
and have been blind since,

he live in the dark for almost 30 years already,
he memorized all the corner on the street,
all the shop in the city,
everything is at the back of his head
he have a beautiful girlfriend and live happily at a charming apartment
one day, something happened.
all the effort he and his girlfriend have put in come into result.
the doctor had came up with some way.
miraculously, he can see again.
he and his girlfriend both cried joyously
he can now see again
he can now see again.
stand on the street and see people, the trees, the cars
get on the roof and enjoy the sky, the clouds, the rainbow.
he seems very happy.

but sadly, the happiness wasn't meant to last
weeks later, he got into a brawl with his girlfriend,
and end up walking separate ways.

he dumped that poor girl.
the girl that taught him how to cross the tricky street on the city,
the girl that tell him cotton candy is not a cloud
the girl that pick him up and wipe his cut when he fell down.
the poor little girl that always been there for him for the last 10 years.
only because she have a scar on her face.

so ask yourself,
is seeing really help?

deep in his heart, he realized, its harder to see things now.
living is easier with eyes closed.
30 years of living in the dark had taught him to see the inner beauty of people
to ignore all the flaw on the surface,
to see what is inside,one that really matter ,
to overlook the imperfection, and see it as the new perfect
to see the beautiful soul within,
he suddenly forgot all this when he can see with his eyes again.

so yeah, living is easier with eyes closed,
we are vulnerable human being,
we believe what we see with our eyes,
even sometimes, it lead us to the wrong path.
its harder to see people when you use your vision.
we always judge people on the outside.
so take your time, and close your eyes.
because when you closed your eyes,
you see with heart.

Friday, January 21, 2011

that magical feeling

dulu, every time i passed kfc simpang 4 i felt something.
that some kind of magical feeling yang buat kau senyum sorang2 tunggu traffic light jadi hijau.
ada sikit2 macam orang tak betul
now, there is no more such thing. no more magic no nothing.
just a regular simpang 4

Monday, January 17, 2011


its mabhubku by the way, not marbuku. by azreel azhar

bagaimana aku tidak merintih rindu..

umpama dalam menunggu siang tanpa jemu..
pahitnya itu manis padaku ,ku korbankan nyawa pada mahbubku..
satukanlah aku dalam 1.

apakah "AKU" Apakah "KAMU"..
apakah Hamba apakah Ratu..
bagi org yang cinta melulu smua itu dipandang 1..

tunjukkan aku apa dia yg 1 itu..

wahai yang maha cinta..
engkaulah rumah akulah tangga..
manakah rumah manakah tangga.??
wahai engkau yang bebas..
dari "AKU" & "KITA"
manakah "AKU" manakah "KITA"..??

biarku sakit biarku duka..
asalkan mahbubku senang & suka..
titisan air mata demi untuknya..
menjadi mutiara akhirnya...

-akar januari 11

Thursday, January 13, 2011

kadang2 loan aku nh suka buat kelakar

i saw a robert browning's poem collection for just myr08.90 and i can't even afford that.
now isn't that just sad
i am totally broke