Sunday, March 20, 2011

inspiration during hey day

a sad yet beautiful song about fragmented fondness
this is lagu zaman-zaman sekolah bhahahah
in high school back then, vincent fang's work have a lot of influence in my writing.
metaphor rapidly become fascination in almost all my work during that time.
fang wrote with heart and thats why those lyrics are ridiculously pure, deep and well placed
when he work with jay, they produced a friggin romantic master piece. grr

shan hu hai (coral sea)

Clouds gather on the faraway (sea) horizon, How can I keep my sadness calm
I remained straight-faced, trying to cover the hint of resignation
you silently said that you wanted to leave (The love's gone)
The sadness slowed down silently
Listen carefully to the crashing tides,
It is not from the sea but from tears

Turning around to leave, (You have something to say but remained speechless), unable to say it's over
The love between a seagull and a fish is only an accidental occurrence
Differences had always existed in (the love you gave) our love (we can't go back)
The dust that gathers in the wind (ends up) accumulating to pain
Turning around and leave, (can't say it's over), unable to say it's over
An azure coral sea, a missed momentary paleness
Right from the beginning (you and me both) were not mature and frank enough(shouldn't)
The passion had not changed, (your) smile cannot be forced
Love is buried deep within the coral sea

How do (we) rebuild the damaged sand sculpture, how can (we) fix a broken relationship?
Only that all has ended too quickly and you said you could not understand why
What surprises await in a seashell (Waiting for the flowers to bloom)
We do not want to play the guessing game anymore
The sea breeze caressing the face (the sea breeze caressing the face)
The salty love (the salty love)
Unable to feel any future (between us)

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