Thursday, March 17, 2011

beautiful orion (forbidden desire)

fading sunset and evening star,
standing at the horizon, gazing at each other.
gazing like they knew exactly what they are doing,
when the truth is they have no idea.
they are confused.
horizon is their secret place,
a dance floor where they met occasionally
a place that always be the witness,
to this strange pair of loneliness
a romantic dance floor where no one seem to dance.
both wanted to,
but every time the beautiful orion fancied it,
the sunset creeps backward.
and when the sunset decide he want it too,
the orion forgot her steps and refused.
the rain fall down,
making love with the beautiful sound of zephyr,
and the jazz mood is on,
but still,
the evening star and the pale sunset not quite sure what to do.
they are clueless.
perhaps gazing at each other occasionally is enough for them
cloudy egos clouds their mind
and when the evening creeps behind the shadow of a moon,
they murmured affection silently,
and fade away in a pleasant despair


  1. havent seen you for quite a while shaf. where have you been? kirim salam tak dekat lady gaga hari tu hahaha


tak payah susun2 ayat,komen je.haha