Saturday, May 1, 2010

white crayons

its the drawing of a beautiful evening scene.
you can't see anything?
oh ya.
its because im using white crayon.

i feel for the white crayons.
nobody ever use them.
they often been left out.
people take them for granted.
they sit in their case, unnoticed, untouched.
they must be wondering why.
i bet they felt lonely.
its okay white crayons.
i understand how you feel,
lets be alone together.

note :
people just don't understand the importance of white in their life.
without white, all their expression is unseen.
the beauty of white is it makes other colour stand out.


  1. ko tpu dow.
    ko x lukis pape pn kn sbnrnye.

  2. zara :
    but people doesnt notice

    ade dow.kalau tak nampak maknenye 3 jumaat lagi. muahahaha

  3. kalau macam tu , aku nak putih jugak lah

  4. kalau dlm drawing, putih la plg hebat ringoooo.
    ko bukak mana2 kotak crayon artist, putih la plg pendek.sbb putih penting utk blend semua kaler.

    *boleh take it literally dan juga metaphorically =D*

  5. itu artistic punya orang, memang mereka faham :))


tak payah susun2 ayat,komen je.haha