Monday, May 31, 2010

coffee shop

i sit quietly at my favorite coffee shop,
staring at my coffee upon the table.
i placed a spoon into the cup,
and stir it properly.
wandering around and observes people.
there are a lot of couples in the coffee shop this morning.

you see,
some people said love is just like a coffee.
bitter and sweet at once.
the mixed contrary feeling shared the same cup.

and you see,
loyalty is just like a sugar.
you add them into coffee to make it sweeter.
some people just keep adding them.
well, adding too much sugar might cause you dearly.
being too loyal is a disease.

and then tolerance,
tolerance resembles a creamer.
you add them to balance it.
but see,
too much creamer will spoil the coffee.

sipping a coffee need a technique,

you have to stir it properly,
not too quick, not too slow.
you have to sip it slowly and gently,
hold the cup and drink it little by little.
and the mixture of sugar and creamer must be right.

but there is a slight different between fall in love with a person and loving a person.
loving a person need a technique.
but fall in love,
well you don't really need one.

ps : saw too much coffees spilled away lately. its just sad. drink them people, do not waste them


  1. *sipping a coffee need a technique

    best line ever

  2. daboo :

    thanks. rambut aku tak best :p


tak payah susun2 ayat,komen je.haha