Saturday, April 24, 2010

our time is running out

ice mountains melt away
stone mountains torn away

sea level rise wider and wider.
wind resistance become lesser and lesser.
stormy storm grow stronger and stronger.
volcanic eruption become grimmer and grimmer.

erosion will have no box to fit in.
quake and crack starts to get in.
we're lucky enough if tomorrow we can still breath in.
if there is any hope, let it in.

land will be swept as dust into the sea.
but we're calm enough to still enjoying the tea.

deep conversation will happen between east and west.
loving affair will end between south and north.

the Earth will lose its footing.
statuaries, orbit, galaxy, will be shattered.


torn apart.
falls apart.

the Earth will stop dancing.
the Earth will stop spinning.
the Earth is crumbling.

ps : we do know that our time is running out, but why are we still be doing things that doesn't necessarily need to be done.

our time is running out.
our time is running out.


tak payah susun2 ayat,komen je.haha