Sunday, April 18, 2010

its okay birdies (oh gloomy Sunday)

gloomy Sunday, gloomy Sunday.
i felt a kind of drizzle hitting my shoulder.
i thought it was rainy day.
but it is not, it was more tender.

gloomy Sunday, gloomy Sunday.
the warmness poles apart from a normal rain.
i try to feel the drizzle,
try to understand the degree of warmness.
later i realized.
it was actually the tears came from all the birds up there.

gloomy Sunday, gloomy Sunday.
they are crying, sadness surrounded the evening sky.
heartrending they are about something.
heart throbbing they are about many things.
its okay birdies,
just cry.
im willing to get wet, and feel your sorrow.
for i can't find a heaven to borrow.

gloomy Sunday, gloomy Sunday.
please,just go away.


tak payah susun2 ayat,komen je.haha