Friday, November 19, 2010


Don’t leave me when the street lamp at the corner sallow

When the falcate moon threaten to take away its yellow

When envy owls sing their mellow and lonely orion has no one to follow

For I can’t find saccharine heaven to borrow

To catch your flying tears and sorrow

Your framed sadness and hollow

Don’t leave me when myriad rain begins to fall

For my barren faith are dried up in a lost incarnations

Don’t leave me when silky breeze and soft zephyr brawl

For my thousand grieve are still in conception

Don’t leave me when ashen butterflies plots gloomy intoxication

When a destined lies trapped beneath unconsolidated innocence

When the pale waves fabricate a sad pastel ocean

For your temperate devotion is a renowned notion

Don’t leave me when the sympathy ripped and bleed

When the soul is prick and the heart is sick


1 comment:

  1. you're one hell of a good writer. I didn't knw u love poetry.


tak payah susun2 ayat,komen je.haha