Wednesday, September 15, 2010

there is no point comparing nadal to federer

Seriously, the media keep comparing both of them following the Spaniard triumph at the US Open recently. Nadal, being modest as his usual played down the talk of being the greatest ever tennis player and said Federer will always be a good example for kids. Personally, I think there is no need to compare them. All players have their own prime period and each generation will be replaced by the next. Federer has passed his prime. Winning a record 16 Grand Slam has placed his name in tennis history, and he is arguably the most decorated tennis player ever. Not only that, having been supported Federer for 10 years, i realized there are just too much crazy statistic and record had been broken by him such as reaching 23 Grand Slam semi-final in a row, winning 3 Slam in a season for 3 times and much more. If that little creature from Mallorca Nadal is not around, Federer might be winning 20 Slams already. so yeah, stop comparing. Federer is Federer. Nadal is Nadal. Federer is more artistic player while Nadal is more physical, eh im starting to make a comparison stop it. arghhh. okay so yeah, the point is each player has their own moment. Sampras had his moment. When he rounded off 14 Slam, his place in history was saved. Even though Federer came later on and build his own legacy, the Sampras legacy was already saved. Nadal, just 24 years of age and already had 9 Slams to his name might go and break Federer's title record, but that will not take away anything from Federer as his place in tennis history is also saved. get the point? Tennis fan around the world should be thankful to be lucky enough to witness the two overlapped their generation and still competing for titles.

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