Sunday, July 11, 2010

bye bye worldcup

After 63 matches, the stage is now set.
The Netherlands versus Spain in a world cup final.
A match that will guarantee a first time winner.
I will be rooting for the Dutch because it was the team I supported back in high school years when my favorite player, Ruud Van Nisrelrooy used to play there.
The orenje will rise to the occasion.

So much for the England side that i supported this term,
i was quite glad the final are between these two teams.
even though Spain didn't fire in all cylinder like we expected them to, they surely dominated teams.
They make other team look ordinary by humbling them to their possessive play of football.
So yeah they deserve to be in the final.
While the Dutch, they are disjointed group of people who want to win.
They didn't like each other that much, but they are on a same mission.
Somehow that had created some togetherness among the team members.
They never look like a serious challenger for the cup even though they won all their games, that was until they defeated the mighty brazil.

So, whoever won it, i will be glad. But I really wanted the Dutch to get the big prize as Spain had already won the European Champonship recently.

So, go orenje!

ps : that handball by luis suarez had just produce 2 amazing games in Germany-Uruguay and Netherlands-Uruguay games.

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