Monday, March 15, 2010

Im a playground

you came to me.
you jump around, you swing around,
you run around, you slide around.
you said it was fun.
the smile can tell absolutely that.
there are tiny little flowers around the playground.
i was happy to see that smile on your face when you're running around me like a little kid.
when you get tired,you'd take some rest at the stool.
and then started to run around again.
we're young,stinky,ugly,covered by mud and in love.
and i cherish every moment.
but then,
you started to get bored.
and you said it was not fun anymore.
you jump away, you swing away,
you run away, you slide away.
and that precious beautiful little smile begins to fade away
but hey,
no,im not sad.
maybe a little bit,but its okay.
the track of my tears will grow fainter.
i know whats wrong.i see it coming.
now that you're growing up,
you're looking for a garden instead of a playground.
you felt this place doesn't suits you anymore.
you're demanding a beautiful rose instead of a lame tire swing.
well,good luck in finding your perfect garden.
thanks for visiting this junk playground.
thanks for the memories.

if you decide to come back one day,
i would be happy to welcome you.
but this place will not stay the same again when you come back.
i may not be the beautiful garden you're dreaming of,
but that few tiny little flowers around us before,will started to bloom.
this stupid playground will slowly turns into a modest garden.
slowly and humbly.
while still keeping all the swings and slides.
you can come again and sit at the stool.
you can sit around.
but the flowers are not yours anymore.

so long my luckless romance.


  1. mane ade sedih..kan kelakar nh.. :(

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. siallllllllllll sedehhhhhhhhhhh T_T

  4. eh, bukan <3 but </3


  5. alaaa
    whats wrongggg.
    sedih la mcm ni.T_T

    i think i can see through this one.i think.hurm.
    anyway, if what i'm seeing is true, there's no good in forcing a site to change its behaviour [architecturily speaking.haha.] every site will eventually change in some point of a time. even kampung baru wont stay kg baru if KL is going for NY.altho byk isu kg baru di situ.
    otherwise, a site would be something like putrajaya.forcing a site to change dramatically.and just see how putrajaya ended up.its nice,fancy n everything.but does it really 'live'? even by just driving around putrajaya, u can already sense that emptiness.

    sooo the point is [after all the rembelan yg xlrt kau nk baca.sori], good for you eh i mean, the playground for not forcing itself to be what others want it to be when its not the time yet.goooood playground.haha.

  6. big idea...big kepala...
    ahh..benci kau.....=)

  7. syaza:
    yeah.i think you describe it perfectly. it is literally that.

    rambut aku pun besar kan.haha


tak payah susun2 ayat,komen je.haha